1. Andrea

    Hi guys, I’m Andrea (I’m a boy) inline skater from Italy, I’m coming to London (Canada) at the end of september, nice tricks over there! I like your park! could you please tell me the address of Wolseley Barracks skatepark, I’m would like to skate when I come to London, do you have half pipes or mini pipes in London area? thank you. my email is: andreasacco@ymail.com

    hope to skate with you.



  2. Hey Dave,

    This is a different park. This is the Medway bowl next to Sir Frederick Banting Secondary School.

    There are 11 skate parks in London according to their website check it out!


  3. Chris Lake

    This is NOT the “Barracks” in London, it’s the Medway bowls. Please correct!

  4. Tim

    I think the address is right, but the picture isn’t. Thats medway, I think.

  5. DaveGhent (Author)

    Sorry for the late update, but fixed up. Now called the Medway Bowl. And updated the correct address. Thanks Kevin.

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