1. Spenny

    Has a small street section too.

  2. Was August 6, 2010 when the skate park was opened for the first time?
    During the last few years, I have taken over 2,000 high resolution digital pictures there. How the guys stay glued inside the very top of the bowl is incredible. It was nice to see very young skaters, both boys and girls, at the park as well as the older guys who were incredible.
    The Hoof Website is the next one I will post.
    I would like to include maybe 5 or 6 photos that were taken during the contsruction. Any idea where I might get them?
    If you like, for now I can send you a ZIP file with a few pictures. My original digital pictures are 21 MB each, but for the websites I reduce them to 900×600 pixels.
    Thanks for any help or info you can provide.

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