Uxbridge Skatepark

Uxbridge has one of the best open bowls in Ontario. Flowy hips, quarters, corners, it has it all. An extension with a deep end, and even some great coping. If you’re down with shredding some tranny then you’ll dig this spot. Tons of fun.

Thanks to AJ Delong for the great photos of the park.

305-399 Main St N, Uxbridge, ON L9P 1R6


Check their facebook page for more information.



Uxbridge from erik burrow on Vimeo.

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  1. kwab

    park looks amazing

  2. Ryan

    Can’t believe nobody is saying anything about this place. The bowl is great. It’s expansive and open. Small waterfall into deep. Deep isn’t very deep though. Shallow is probably 5 feet. The concrete is as smooth as it gets. If you have any flatspots, this bowl will let you know. Very well made bowl. I imagine this place gets infested with scooters and bikes pretty quickly on weekends. But what bowl doesn’t these days?

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